Mission Statement

The Yale Instructional Technology Group (ITG) helps instructors in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences select and use technology to achieve their teaching goals. To anticipate and meet the expectations of Yale’s students and faculty, ITG also researches and develops emerging technologies for educational use. We're happy to be a part of Yale's new Center for Teaching and Learning. Until the new CTL website is fully operational, read more about our services on the ITS website.

Contact Instructional Technology

Email: itg@yale.edu
Physical Address: Address for Regular Mail:
55 Whitney Ave.
4th Floor, Room 470
New Haven, CT 06511
Yale University
Box 208276
New Haven, CT 06520

ITG Staff

Trip Kirkpatrick : Sr. Academic Technologist

Trip Kirkpatrick

Sr. Academic Technologist

(203) 432-9271

Twitter: @triplingual

Trip co-coordinates the Digital Humanities Working Group of the Whitney Humanities Center, and chairs the Collaborative Learning Center. He was lead organizer of Yale's first two internal unconferences on IT and has been seen leading a hands-on media lab for an undergraduate humanities course. His interests include plurilingualism and pluriculturalism in Digital Humanities, research into historical irreproducibilities such as unrecorded sound or other sensory phenomena, as well as issues in introducing Digital Humanities pedagogy in a highly traditional research institution.

Alina Nevins : Sr. Academic Technologist

Alina Nevins

Sr. Academic Technologist

(203) 436-4367
Pam Patterson : Sr. Academic Technologist

Pam Patterson

Sr. Academic Technologist

(203) 432-8794

Pam Patterson is a Senior Academic Technologist in the Instructional Technology Group. She's been providing technology support for teaching and learning here at Yale for over 12 years. 

Matthew Regan : Sr. Academic Technologist

Matthew Regan

Sr. Academic Technologist

(203) 436-8887

Matthew Regan is a Sr. Academic Technologist in the Instructional Technology Group (ITG) where he’s worked for more than five years specializing in mobile technology, touch and digital ink, and real-time class polling. He also helps to support the Academic Commons WordPress blog, Sakai LMS (Classes*v2), and A/V technologies.

ITG Alumni

Gloria Hardman :

Gloria Hardman

Gloria was the founding support member for Yale's first LMS, a homegrown platform called Classes. She was instrumental in the transition to Classes*V2 and in the continued success of Classes*V2.

Ken Panko :

Ken Panko

Ken was the ITG manager from 2008 to 2014. Before that, he was an instructional technologist in the group, beginning in 2005. Ken brought tremendous energy and ambition to the group.

Robin Ladouceur :

Robin Ladouceur

Robin worked for ITG from 2008–2014. Among other things, Robin built a strong relationship with the Department of English through their use of WordPress blogging tools. Robin also helped out tremendously with the Collaborative Learning Center and the Teaching with Technology Tuesdays series.