iPad Course Loans

The Instructional Technology Group in partnership with the Bass Library are offering two set of 20 iPads (16GB, WI-Fi-only) for instructional use.  iPad 3s are available for semester long course use, while the iPad 2s are available for temporary in class use. Instructors interested in using the iPads need to submit a proposal describing how they and their students will use the iPads in support of a Yale College course. Please detail in your proposal whether you are interested in the iPad 3s for semester long course use or the iPad 2s for short-term in class assignments. Successful applicants will be expected to participate in evaluating the iPad-supported activities and share the experience on the CLC website and at a CLC-hosted event.

For more information or to apply to use the iPads in your course, visit the application page.

Teaching with the iPad

Connecting an iPad to a Projector

iPad1 (Note: the first generation iPads do not mirror the iPad screen when attached to a projector. Only a limited number of apps

iPad2 (More info coming soon.)

Creating Course Materials on the iPad

If you want to do serious word processing on the iPad, you will probably want to get Apple's Pages app for the iPad. For creating presentation slides, Apple has an iPad version of Keynote. There is also an iPad version of Pages for spreadsheets.

Electronic Textbooks

As of the spring of 2011 there are few titles available in electronic versions from the major college textbook publishers. That will change as publishers sign deals with e-book retailers and third-party digitization companies. Popular literature is much more readily available in electronic editions. Many books published prior to 1923 are available electronically. There is an Amazon Kindle app and a Barnes and Noble Nook app for the iPad. Electronic editions of textbooks can be purchased, and sometimes rented, from those retailers or from the Apple iBook store.

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