iPad Class-set Loan Program

The Instructional Technology Group in partnership with the Bass Library are offering two set of 20 iPads (16GB, WI-Fi-only) for instructional use.  iPad 3s are available for semester long course use, while the iPad 2s are available for temporary in class use. Instructors interested in using the iPads need to submit a proposal describing how they and their students will use the iPads in support of a Yale College course. Please detail in your proposal whether you are interested in the iPad 3s for semester long course use or the iPad 2s for short-term in class assignments. Successful applicants will be expected to participate in evaluating the iPad-supported activities and share the experience on the CLC website and at a CLC-hosted event.

The successful applicants will be provided with pedagogical and technical support to assist with the development and implementation of the proposed activities.  Purchasing assistance will also be provided for proposals requiring specialized iPad applications.

Successful applicants will be expected to participate in evaluating the iPad-supported activities and share the experience at an event in the spring.

To submit a proposal, please send an email to clc@yale.edu with the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. Course number and title in which the iPads would be used
  3. Semester in which the course will be offered
  4. Estimated number of students in the course
  5. A brief description of the proposed use of the iPads

Proposal Deadlines

Fall 2013 – Friday, August 16, 2013

Spring 2014 – Friday, November 1, 2013

iPad Terms of Use

Borrowers must be an active member of the faculty, staff, or student with Yale University Library borrowing priveleges.

Responsibility for Equipment

By checking out the iPad and accessories, students assume the following financial responsibilities for replacement if the equipment is lost, damaged or not returned on the last day of class:

  • iPad – $550 replacement cost
  • Power Cord – $29 replacement cost
  • iPad protective cover – $35 replacement cost
  • Processing Fee – $20 per item lost/damaged
  • Any other equipment not enumerated will be charged at an amount to be determined later

If a student loses or damages this equipment during the loan period, please contact Lauren King of the Bass Library Circulation Department by emailing lauren.kingyale.edu to arrange for payment.

Loan Period

The iPad and power cord will be checked out to students on a date to be arranged with the instructor at the beginning of the semester.  All equipment must be returned on the meeting of the last class for the course.  Any equipment not returned at that point will be subject to replacement costs and processing fees.